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Date picker ()

Pick a date. Automatic or manually. After installation you will find a new group with a button "D" in the Insert tab of Excel. This button works as an on/off switch.

In the bottom right corner you will find another button to a few settings.

Dynamische keuzelijst ()

How to create a list that adapts to the choices before.

Add-in that controls a few many used switches ()

  • Date system 1904
  • Gridlines
  • Show zerovalues
  • Columns and row headings
  • Show formulas instad of values

Add-in to create HTML-code from an Excel selection. ()

Excel 2 html

  • Select the range to convert
  • Click on the H in the tab start/home
  • Go to your htmleditor
  • paste the code
This add-in place the code in the clipboard.
This add-in must be installed.

Add-in for easyly close all open files ()

In the officebutton (versie 2007) or in File (version 2010 and higher) there will be 2 new options
CloseAll CloseAllFiles

Add-in Show/hide Outlookfolders ()


Add-in Word PrintAll ()

Print all Worddocuments at one time. Open or in een folder or create an selection